Autistore is an Online Sales Company that offers services to people with disABILITIES.

Our mission is to create a community of families and individuals to work towards a common goal, to provide a learning and empowering environment for their loved ones who are mentally or physically challenged.


In 2007  Patricia Rodriguez and Jesus Garcia (founders of Autistore) were given the news that their son was diagnosed with Autism. This led them and their family on a downward spiral of fear, depression, and denial; however, it was family, love, and the responsibility for their son (Sam) that moved them to rise up and keep pushing forward. For the next years they had to learn what it's like to live with a person with special needs and what it takes to care for them. All this led to a question, what is to become Sam’s future? What could they do today to help him in the future? It was one of Sam's favorite pass times making hand cut confetti out of old magazines that led his mother to  the idea of making Easter eggs, Sam took to it and began to fill eggs with confetti and  decorating the eggs. The eggs were beautiful! So Sam’s mother posted a picture on her social media page and to her surprise many people began to ask if they were for sale. After word got around orders kept coming in. Sam loved getting to work in his hobby. Mr. Garcia was amazed by the amount of support and the buzz that his son’s Easter eggs had created. It was then an idea popped into his head. Why not keep this going and expand to more crafting and creating? Sam would benefit from learning more skills while earning some money for himself. He then realized that he was not alone in this but many families go through the same struggles, so the idea of “Autistore” was born. A company that offers its services to benefit people with autism, disABILITIES or special needs.

Autistore provides a platform in which hand crafted and repackaged products are put up for sale. This will open up opportunities for people with disABILTIES to learn new skills and gain a monetary compensation which will further enrich their lives and provide for their needs. This will also serve as therapy and a honing of skills that will serve in facilitating their day to day lives..​



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